IVF with egg donation


A new path to pregnancy

IVF with egg donation is a transformative fertility treatment designed for individuals and couples who may not be able to conceive using their own eggs. This process involves using eggs donated by a third party, which are then fertilised in the laboratory with sperm from the intended parent or a sperm donor. The resulting embryos are transferred to the recipient’s uterus, offering a path to pregnancy for those facing challenges such as premature ovarian failure, genetic conditions, or age-related infertility.  It’s a reliable and effective fertility treatment with a high success rate, thereby offering you a great chance for a successful pregnancy.

What you can expect from us

Carefully selected donors

We carefully select the most suitable donor from our extensive pool of open-ID donors for you to approve. If you decline this choice, our team will share another equally excellent candidate for your consideration.

Personalised Care

Treatment plans for IVF with egg donation are uniquely tailored to each individual, increasing the likelihood of a successful pregnancy.

Improved Embryo Selection

We employ state-of-the-art technology for accurate and informed embryo selection.

What to expect

Stages of treatment

Treatment planning

In your first meeting, your fertility specialist will take a detailed look at your medical history and discuss various treatment options with you. Depending on your situation, additional health checks like bloodwork, semen analysis, and ultrasounds may be recommended. These tests help tailor your treatment for the best chance of a successful pregnancy.

After the tests, you’ll have another meeting with your doctor to review the results and finalise your treatment plan. Your dedicated Patient Coordinator will guide you through the estimated costs, ensuring everything aligns with your preferences before moving forward.

Finding your Donor

Our Donation Team will assist you in finding the perfect egg donor. We take pride in our selection process, ensuring all donors undergo rigorous screening, including psychological evaluations. We offer detailed donor profiles for a more personalised connection with your donor.

Comprehensive Genetic Testing

We go beyond standard requirements, conducting over 70 genetic tests on our donors, to minimise the risks of a genetic disorder in your baby. Additionally, we highly recommend our extended genetic carrier screening to assess compatibility between partners or between patients and donors. 

Fertilisation & Treatment Approach

Your chosen donor’s eggs will be fertilised with sperm, creating embryos ready for storage or transfer. At Procriar, we adapt treatments using either fresh or frozen embryos, considering various factors.

Embryo Preparation & Transfer

The process of preparing the womb for embryo transfer is customised, depending on individual factors. Our team will design a protocol tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Our doctor will carefully place one or two embryos into your uterus. In cases where embryos are frozen, we perform a Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) later. Any surplus viable embryos will be frozen for future use.

Pregnancy test

After the embryo transfer, a pregnancy test is conducted around 12 days later to check for positive results.

This journey is designed to provide you with the most personalised care, every step of the way.

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