IVF in Portugal

Explore Procriar’s dedicated International IVF Treatment program set amidst the scenic beauty of Porto. Designed specifically for international patients, our program delivers exceptional medical proficiency, unmatched support, and a smooth journey from start to finish.

Why Travel to Procriar Portugal

Personalised Coordination for International Patients

Embark on your IVF journey with ease and confidence. Our International Patient Coordination team is dedicated to guiding you through every phase, from your initial consultation to the completion of your treatment. We work closely with your local healthcare providers to ensure seamless coordination, minimising your time in Portugal while optimising the success of your treatment. With our efficient coordination, you can focus on enjoying your surroundings and trust that the logistical details are in expert hands.

Chat to our team about IVF in Portugal

Explore the possibilities of IVF in Portugal by chatting with our team. We’re here to provide you with detailed information about the process, discuss your personal needs, and explain how we can assist you on your journey to parenthood. Reach out today to learn more about our advanced IVF treatments and supportive care in a world-renowned fertility destination.

Why Choose Procriar

Convenient Location

Conveniently located near Porto airport, our clinic offers easy access for international travellers.

Large Open-ID Donor Bank

Benefit from working with one of the largest open-ID donor banks in Portugal, featuring a diverse array of donors and comprehensive profiles providing detailed information.

International Team

Our international division is skilled in multiple languages, guaranteeing effective support for patients from around the world.

Beautiful Surrounds

Blend your IVF journey with an enriching visit to Porto, Portugal’s scenic gem celebrated for its UNESCO-listed historic centre.

Patient first ethos

Our philosophy emphasises patient autonomy, informed consent, shared decision-making, and personalised care.

What you can expect as an international patient

Remote Consultations

Engage in a thorough virtual consultation with our fertility experts and patient coordinators, discussing your medical history, potential treatments, and the IVF process at our clinic. Provide us with your complete medical records, including prior fertility evaluations. If needed, we may suggest additional assessments for you to complete at home, with results sent directly to our team.

Tailoring Your Treatment Plan

Based on your medical details, we’ll create a personalised treatment plan, detailing your medication schedule and the expected timeline, ensuring clarity at every step.

Coordinating Your Travel

Once your treatment plan is finalised, our patient coordination team will assist in organising your travel, accommodations, and transportation to Portugal.

Monitoring Close to Home

To streamline your stay, we recommend conducting necessary tests and monitoring procedures at local facilities in your home country, following our guidelines.

Arrival and Treatment

Upon your arrival, you’ll visit Procriar for a final assessment before proceeding with the planned IVF procedure.

Post-Treatment Follow-Up and Care

After your procedure, you’ll prepare to return home. Following a brief waiting period, you’ll take a pregnancy test and continue prenatal care with your local healthcare provider or explore further options with our team.


Why Choose Porto, Portugal for Your IVF Journey

Elevate your IVF journey by pairing it with a delightful excursion to Porto, a coastal city celebrated for its rich cultural heritage. Lose yourself in the enchanting labyrinth of the historic city centre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where ancient cobblestone streets lead to hidden treasures and iconic landmarks like the majestic Porto Cathedral and the picturesque Ribeira district await exploration along the scenic Douro River. With its blend of history, culture, and scenic beauty, Porto provides a captivating backdrop to enhance your IVF experience, offering moments of tranquillity and inspiration amidst your fertility journey.


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