Intrauterine Insemination with sperm donation (IUI-D)


Conceiving with donor sperm

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) with donor sperm is a fertility treatment designed for couples facing male infertility issues, single women, or same-sex couples who wish to conceive using donor sperm. 

During the procedure, carefully selected donor sperm is introduced directly into the uterus around the time of ovulation, increasing the likelihood of fertilisation. IUI with donor sperm provides a less invasive and more affordable alternative to more complex fertility treatments like IVF. 

What you can expect from us

Personalised Attention

Our IUI treatment plans are uniquely crafted to suit individual patients, enhancing the chances of a successful pregnancy.

Apex of fertility care

We set the standards with unparalleled clinical expertise and gold-standard laboratory practices.

Clear Pricing Policy

At our clinic, all available technologies are seamlessly incorporated into treatments without hidden fees, ensuring thorough care without any extra charges.

What your treatment will look like

Stages of treatment

Treatment planning

During your initial consultation, the fertility specialist conducts a comprehensive review of your medical history and engages in discussions regarding appropriate treatment options. Additional health assessments, including blood work, semen analysis, uterus ultrasound, and tubal patency tests, may be suggested to customise your treatment plan for optimal success. It’s important to note that IUI cannot proceed if there are issues with tubal permeability. Once the test results are available, you will reconvene with your doctor to finalise your personalised treatment strategy, while your patient coordinator presents a detailed breakdown of costs for your consideration and approval.

Donor Selection

Our dedicated team helps you explore options and find the right donor. We carefully select, screen, and evaluate all donors, offering detailed profiles for your selection. While we have one of Portugal’s largest sperm banks, we also collaborate with international banks. We advise reserving enough samples for potential future treatments.

Genetic Screening

Our sperm donors undergo baseline genetic tests. We recommend extended genetic carrier screening to assess compatibility between you and the sperm donor.

Ovarian Stimulation

Your doctor prescribes hormonal medication to gently stimulate controlled follicle development in your ovaries (usually 1 or 2). We´ll closely monitor the cycle´s progress until the follicles reach the required number and size.


Once the follicles mature, we’ll induce ovulation and perform IUI about 36 hours later. This quick and painless process involves introducing optimised sperm into your uterus using a slender tube.

Pregnancy Test

Following insemination, a pregnancy test is scheduled after two weeks. 

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