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There are multiple causes of infertility. At Procriar, we understand the unique challenges of each couple’s fertility journey. Our team will design a bespoke treatment plan tailored to optimise your chances of conceiving. 

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What are the costs associated with your treatments?

Treatment costs can vary depending on different things, such as the type of treatment (like standard IVF or preimplantation genetic testing), the medication you need, how many treatment cycles you’ll need, and any extra procedures like freezing eggs, sperm, or embryos, or a testicular biopsy, and more. You can find detailed pricing for specific treatments on our pricing page. Rest assured, our fertility experts will take a close look at your situation, recommend the best treatment for you, and give you a transparent estimate of the costs before you start any treatment.

How many cycles are typically needed to achieve pregnancy?

Every journey towards conceiving through medical assistance is unique, shaped by factors like age, health conditions, how one’s body responds to treatments, lifestyle practices, and sperm vitality. Success might come swiftly for some, within just a cycle, while others may find themselves embarking on multiple attempts. This variability highlights the importance of engaging with fertility professionals who can tailor their recommendations to align precisely with your individual needs and situation, ensuring the path you take is optimally mapped out for you.

What is the duration of a treatment cycle?

The duration and specifics of your fertility treatment can vary based on the type of procedure undertaken. We strive to mirror natural cycles as closely as possible, which generally dictates the timeframe of treatments. However, there may be occasions where we need to postpone the start of a treatment to complete any pre-required medical steps. Your fertility care provider will outline the expected timelines for your chosen treatment in detail. You can also gain insights into the expected duration of various treatments by visiting our specific treatment pages online. It’s important to note that undergoing fertility treatments typically doesn’t significantly disrupt your daily life, with most procedures allowing for same-day return home.

Do IVF treatments cause discomfort?

IVF typically doesn’t involve much pain. The injections you might need to do yourself can be slightly uncomfortable, but when it’s time to retrieve eggs, you’ll be under anaesthesia, and you can head home the same day. The process of transferring the embryo is often compared to getting a pap smear—uncomfortable but manageable. Like any medical treatment, IVF can come with side effects, though they’re often minor. There’s a small chance (under 1%) of more serious complications that might need hospital care, such as infections or ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. It’s important to have a detailed discussion with your fertility specialist about any potential risks or concerns you have regarding the procedure.

What are the potential side effects of IVF medications?

Individual responses to IVF medications vary widely, depending on the specific treatment protocol. Side effects such as bloating, mood changes, hot flashes, breast soreness, headaches, and nausea are not uncommon. Though rare, ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome is a potential complication. However, these side effects are generally short-lived, subsiding once treatment concludes. Our medical team closely monitors each patient’s response to the medication, making necessary adjustments to both mitigate side effects and enhance the likelihood of a successful outcome from the IVF cycle.

What advantages do open-ID egg and sperm banks offer?

At Procriar, we’re proud to offer one of Portugal’s most extensive open ID egg and sperm banks, providing detailed donor profiles.In Portugal, everyone born from donations has the right to access their donor’s identity once they’re 18. Discovering one’s genetic background is considered a fundamental human right by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. It can play a significant role in shaping an individual’s personality and identity. Opting for an open-ID donor allows your child the opportunity to explore their ancestry if they wish to do so.

Will I need to join a waiting list for an appointment?

At Procriar, immediate access to our services is a priority, ensuring no delays with waiting lists. During your first meeting, our specialists will delve into your reproductive health and past, offering detailed explanations about the various treatments we offer. Should you decide to move forward, we initiate your chosen treatment quickly, following a thorough review of all essential health prerequisites.

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