Meet our team

Meet our expert medical team dedicated to compassionate fertility care. From gynaecologists to embryologists, we’re here to support your journey to parenthood.

Medical team

Our expert medical team, drawing on years of specialised experience in fertility care, is committed to offering compassionate and personalised solutions for every unique journey towards parenthood.

Dr Joana Mesquita Guimarães

Speciality in gynaecology and obstetrics by the Portuguese Medical Association. Clinical Director of Procriar

Dr Susana Fraga

Speciality in gynaecology and obstetrics by the Portuguese Medical Association

Dr Marta Ledo

Specialist in Gynaecology and Obstetrics by the Portuguese Medical Association

Dr Diana Melo Castro

Speciality in gynaecology and obstetrics by the Portuguese Medical Association

Professor Sérgio Castedo

Specialisation in medical genetics by the Portuguese Medical Association

Dr Nuno Louro


Dr Manuela Azevedo


Dr José Aguiar


Nursing team

Meet our dedicated nursing team, expertly trained to support your fertility journey with compassion and care. They are here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring you feel informed and comfortable throughout your treatment.

Lara Heleno

Nurse coordinator

Patrícia Rocha

Nurse, donor coordinator

Ana Campos


Diana Damas


Maria Magalhães


Maria Pinto



Our dedicated psychologist specialises in supporting individuals and couples through their fertility journey, offering empathetic guidance and personalised strategies to navigate the emotional complexities involved.

Dr Leonor Neves

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Susana Martinho

Clinical Psychologist

IVF Lab Team

Our skilled embryology team excels in achieving outstanding results and takes pride in consistently leading the way in technological innovations.

Alice Pinto

Senior embryologist and laboratory manager

Filipa Barbosa

Senior embryologist

Cíntia Ribeiro


Cassandra Santos


Beatriz Cruz


Patient Care team

Meet our patient care team, committed to providing personalised support throughout your fertility journey. They ensure a smooth and supportive experience, helping you navigate each step with ease and confidence. Our team is here to answer your questions and provide the comfort and guidance you need to move forward with your treatment.

Laura Rogão

Portuguese, English, French and Spanish

Laura Le Cloirec

French, Portuguese and English

Laura Rodrigues

Portuguese, Spanish and English

Joana Cavaleiro

Portuguese and English

Joana Fael

Portuguese, Spanish and English

Sabrina Ponte

Portuguese, French, Spanish and English

Administration team

With a focus on organisation, productivity, and seamless communication, this dedicated group excels in managing resources, schedules, and strategic operations. They are the behind-the-scenes heroes committed to excellence and the driving force of our success.

Sandra Neto


Ana Reis


Carla Moreira


Olga Moita


Daniela Pereira

Operational Assistant

Isabel Araújo

Operational Assistant


Vladimiro Silva

Executive Director and Scientific Director

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