Quality Policy

The service provided by Procriar aims to contribute to the diagnosis and treatment of infertility, addressing the disease in a multidisciplinary and integrated way, in all its dimensions. In this way, Procriar seeks to ensure the delivery of all care, related directly and indirectly to the treatment of infertility, in a fully comprehensive approach and in collaboration with other institutions and professionals.


Being aware of the importance of its services, Procriar consistently aims to maximize the patient’s satisfaction, to improve the Quality Management System and to comply with the applicable regulations and legislation, having as purpose to optimize the success rates of the medical care provided.


Procriar’s administration defined the following general principles for the clinic’s activity:

– Work with the highest possible success rates, giving all patients a real possibility to start a family;

– Act with the humanism, sensitivity and responsibility that infertility treatments require;

– Obtain excellent levels of patient satisfaction and monitor and measure these aspects continuously and as rigorously as possible;

– Provide excellent working conditions to the employees;

– Comply with the current legislation and regulations;

-Invest in continuous improvement by motivating all employees and stakeholders to do so.