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Unfortunately, in Portugal there are no specific credit lines for infertility treatments and these are also excluded by private health insurances.

One of the solutions that our couples and women often use is through a personal loan, which needs to be negotiated directly between the beneficiary (ies) and a financial entity. At the average interest rates practiced in the market, a fertility treatment, fully financed by a personal credit, may correspond to a monthly fee of around 100 € / month for a 60-month loan (example that assumes an APR of 10.2% for a loan of 5000 €) – but these are always conditions that need to be agreed between the beneficiaries and the bank.

Procriar has established with Access Fertility [], an English company dedicated to the design of treatment access programs, a set of options where Medically Assisted Procreation treatments can be carry out in a financially safer way which enables couples to focus on the most important: the birth of a healthy child.

There are several treatment programs, adaptable to the clinical reality and specificities of each case, which may involve the return of up to 100% of the treatment value, if the birth of a child is not succeed, or the benefit of a “treatment package” at a lower cost.

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These programs are always directly arranged between the couples or women treated and Access Fertility; Procriar has no direct interference in this process.